Monday, June 9

To Market, To Market

Farmers Market

We didn't buy a fat pig but I think we might have done a little jig or two. What's a Saturday morning without a little dancing?!

Our farmer's market is in full swing. I love going each week. Greeting the familiar faces. Discovering what has come in to season this week. The weathered farmer sneaking a strawberry or two to the boys. Coming home with a very full market bag and new ideas.

From the Farmer's Market

Each meal is the same - "This X came from the farmer's market!" Chaz and most especially Topher get so excited by this. Edmund is coming around. For awhile it was "What difference does that make?" but I think he starting to get it. The boys are so much more willing to eat things when it comes from the farmer. Topher even ate a tomato! That's big around here.

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market 2008

week 1: tomatoes, spring onions, baby turnips with greens, red leaf lettuce, butter head lettuce, spinach, eggs

week 2: tomatoes, spring onions, green beans, mushrooms, chard, red leaf lettuce, butter head lettuce

Farmer's Market week 3
week 3: broccoli, wild garlic, baby turnips with greens, red potatoes, eight ball zucchini, strawberries, eggs

Farmer's Market week 4
week 4: summer squash, onions, red potatoes, tomatoes - large and small, green beans, green plums, roasted garlic pasta

Farmer's Market week 5
week 5: green beans, strawberries, peaches, kirby cucumbers, patty pan squash, lemon grass soap, vegan chocolate chocolate chip cookies, whole wheat oatmeal raisin cookies

Farmer's Market week 6
week 6: kirby cucumbers, green beans, pink-eyed purple hulled beans, zucchini, peaches

Farmer's Market week 7
week 7: tomatoes, kirby cucumbers, pink-eyed purple hulled beans, summer squash, red potatoes, jalapenos

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