Tuesday, October 18

Weekly Weigh In #7 and #8

Two (updates) for the price of one!

Weigh in #7 -

I had a small gain. It was not entirely unexpected, though. I was having a problem with water retention and my hands and feet were puffy. (something I plan to discuss with my doctor)

I vowed to try to drink more water to see if that would help.

Weigh in #8 -

I was in Maryland visiting my parents so I didn't think I would be weighing in this week. My mom also goes to Weight Watchers, though. Although neither of us felt like we were having a good week, we decided to go get weighed anyway. (the first step in the right direction, right?!)

I had another gain. I could very easily blame it on being stressed, frustrated, and sick. Really, though, it was because I didn't make good choices, watch my portions, or journal my food.

My mom and I were really good for each other. We encouraged each other. Made sure we journaled, drank all our water and measured our portions. We searched for recipes together and planned meals together. I was lots of fun and very motivating.

I also made an important realization. While at my parents, I had an Egg Beater and vegetable omelet each morning for breakfast. I was satisfied until lunch. Now that I am home and the morning chaos and rush has resumed, my breakfasts don't seem to have the same staying power. Yesterday it was a low fat blueberry muffin and a cup of tea as I headed out the door to get the boys to school. By mid-morning I was scrounging for something to eat. Anything!


In two weeks I have gained 2.2 pounds. Not something I am real proud of but I also can't blame anyone (or anything) but myself. However, I'm working hard to make the scales move in the right direction this week.

Monday, October 17

Back In Action

The power of positive thinking can only take you so far. We were sick. Not nearly as sick as we could have been, though. I suppose that is the positive thinking part coming in to play. We are better now and life can move forward. Finally!

Tuesday, October 11

I AM NOT Sick!

I am NOT sick! I am NOT getting sick! I have NOT been sick!