Sunday, January 28

Baby, It's Cold Outside


We had snow twice this week. Our FIRST snow of the season! What you see is the extent of it, too. A far cry from this. The boys decided to make the most of it, though. While waiting for the bus, they scraped together as much as they possible could to make one small powdery snowball each. I think they are worried that this might be it for snow this year.

This is turning in a rather odd winter here in New England. We started January with record warm temperatures and we are ending it with record cold temps. Friday morning so many schools across the state were either delayed or closed for the day (not ours though) because of cold weather. It was only 1F midmorning with a windchill of -20F. No thank you!

Of course this sudden shift in the weather means that the Winter ick is hitting our house. Right now it's just a few sniffles and a little cough but I know what is coming - and I'm ready to fight back!

Monday, January 22

Food is Love

carrot soup

Cooking for my family is such an important part of who I am. I put a lot of thought into creating good healthy meals. I try to buy fresh local ingredients when I can. I cook from scratch. I make sure we all come together at the table for dinner. Putting a nice meal on the table is one way I let my family know how much they mean to me. I grew up that way and I want my children to grow up that way.

For awhile, however, cooking really lost its luster for me. My efforts were constantly met with complaints so why bother? I bother because I do it not only for them but also for me. Cooking is theraputic. I feel productive and I really enjoy the process. Someday they will appreciate my efforts, but for now I must remember that they are just kids.

I recently read about the Slow Food Movement and while it is a term that I had never heard before, I think it represents my approach to food. My Mom and my Mom-in-law both just call it good old fashioned home cooking.

This year I am feeling a bit renewed. I am once again thinking about the meals I make. I am slowing down and finding joy in the process. Dinners are presented beautifully and puposefully. After all, food is love.

Friday, January 19

Starting Again

Sourdough starter

My old sourdough starter went rancid and had to be tossed. At the time, life was busy and we were travelling so I chose not to continue with it. Now, however, is the perfect time for starting again.

I've found a new recipe. Something a little less fussy and easier to maintain. I think it will be a good fit for me. I'm really looking forward to all the exciting possibilities! I hope you'll be here to share them with me.

Edited to add the new recipe:

Sourdough Starter

2 c bread flour
2 c warm water
1 envelope yeast
1 Tbls honey

Dissolve honey in water and add yeast. Slowly stir in flour. Put in to a jar and leave uncovered for 5 days. Some separation is normal. Stir the liquid back in daily. If the liquid turns pink or black or someother "odd" color, discard and start again.

Store starter in the refridgerator. Once a week, pour off approximately half to use or share. Feed the remainder.

1 1/2 c bread flour
1 1/2 c water

Stir in to starter. Leave on counter overnight and then refridgerate.

*Make sure you store your starter in a glass jar with some headroom and stir with a wooded spoon. Never metal.