Wednesday, February 28

Tuesday, February 27

Day 27 (more)


The tree in our front yard - 10 days ago and now.

Day 27


Monday, February 26

Happy Birthday, Edmund!


Edmund is 10! He is now in double digits and feeling oh so 'cool'.

Sunday, February 25

Day 25


The alligator and the octopus were later joined by their friend the shark.

Saturday, February 24

Thursday, February 22

Day 22


Playing in "the cave"

Wednesday, February 21

Day 21


The boys and I are visiting my parents for a few days.

Tuesday, February 20

Monday, February 19

Sunday, February 18

Day 18


My morning ritual (yes, I wash my face in the kitchen sink)

Saturday, February 17

Friday, February 16

Thursday, February 15

Day 15


Valentines ready to go to school.

Yesterday's snow day meant class parties will be a day late. On the left, Lifesaver and chocolate Kiss rockets for class mates. On the right, reversible tissue packets for the teachers.

Wednesday, February 14

Day 14


Happy Valentine's Day!

Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and raspberry jam filling

Oh! ...and an Australian Pinot Nior!

Snow Day


We got our first measurable snow fall of the season last night/this morning. It started out as sleet and feezing rain and then turned to regular snow. We got about an inch of snow on top of a thick layer of slick ice. They are predicting some more sleet and snow later in the day, too. Because of this, school was cancelled for the day.

The boys are thrilled to have a day off! Unfortunately, it's not a good 'play outside' kind of day. The wind is really blowing and it's just so icy out. They went out for a bit to shovel the walk and slide about on their bellies, penguin style. Then it was back inside for hot cocoa and once again in to cozy pj's.

The rest of the day will be spent enjoying an unexpected day off. It's a snow day!

Tuesday, February 13

Monday, February 12

Day 12


A little Valentine's Day crafting.

Sunday, February 11

Day 11


A quiet Sunday with a new book.

Saturday, February 10

Day 10


Creating 72(!) Valentines for school.

Friday, February 9

Day 9


A little afternoon knitting.

Thursday, February 8

Day 8


Soup and bread made using this recipe found via Soulemama.

Wednesday, February 7

Day 7


Edmund's 4th grade band concert.

Tuesday, February 6

Day 6


Doing homework. We had to create an item for the 100th day of school using 100 of something. We made a paper chain.

Monday, February 5

Day 5


Fresh haircuts in the kitchen.

Sunday, February 4

Day 4


A Sunday afternoon spent playing.

Saturday, February 3

Day 3


My view during dishes.

Friday, February 2

Day 2


A small sewing project. The windows are a bit drafty and the wind has been blowing.

Thursday, February 1

Day 1


My favorite breakfast lately. Poached egg and homemade bread with butter to mop up the yolk.

February Photos

I've really been enjoying so many of the daily photos being posted on various blogs - especially here and some of here. So beautiful and so inspiring.

I've decided that I need to do something with that inspiration. I am challenging myself to take a photo everyday this month. Not just the big events but the little everyday stuff. I am hoping that this will help me develop my photography skills, I am hoping it will encourage me to see my home with fresh eyes, and I am hoping it will get more of my creative juices flowing again. (that is a lot to ask of a picture!)

Now I must go charge the camera battery!