Tuesday, March 29

A whole lot of knitting going on!

I always feel like the slowest knitter out there. I read the blogs and it seems like everyone is just knitting up a storm! Me, I'm just sort of chugging along hoping that I'll eventually finish something.

Then I started thinking about it. I may not be the fastest knitter out there, but I am also not really as slow as I think I am. My problem is that I love the yarn and I just can't stand to have it sitting there waiting for me. I get anxious. I tell myself that I will just do a little swatch to see how it is going to look knitted up. Who am I kidding though! That swatch turns in to another full fledged project and before I know it, I have 5 or 6 (or more!) projects going at once! My time is already limited and with so many projects going at once, I am stretched even thinner.

I've decided to make a pact with myself. No more than two projects going at one time. I need a simple project that I can carry with me and lately that has been wash clothes using this pattern. They require almost no thought and are very portable. I work on them while waiting for the boys. My other project will be the more complicated "at home" project. You know, the one that requires a little more thinking. The one that I need to take notes on and keep track of rows, stitches, patterns etc. I have a few of those going right now.

The "at home" project that is moving to the top of the queue is Topher's jacket. I've got the back, left front and part of the right front done. It is a pretty quick knit so I should be done pretty soon. It really is cute and I know he will get a lot of use out of it. I'm doing it in Navy Blue Wool-Ease with 3 strands held together and I went down to a US 15 to get gauge. I added a little band of ribbing at the bottom and will do so on the cuffs too. I thought that would make it a little more masculine than a rolled edge.

Waiting in the wings is Chickami in TLC Cotton Plus Kiwi. Of course I have decided to call it my Margarita Cami instead. I am about 4 inches in to it.

Also waiting is a sock in Moda Dea Sassy Stripes Crush. It is a simple cuff down sock and I am about done with the cuff. This will be my next "simple" project when the current wash cloth is done.

I have some Berroco Cotton Twist Rosebush that I have been having a hard time with. I tried casting on for several projects but none were right for this. We finally came to an agreement. It wants to be Clapotis. I am almost through the second section. It will make a great shawl with the Margarita Cami.

There are a couple of other little things that were started but will be frogged. A rolled brim hat that I was remaking for Charles because I thought the first one was too small. He, however, doesn't want a new one. He really likes the smaller one. There is another hat that I started for myself with some leftover yarn from a scarf I made. I've never finished it because I didn't like it. Why keep knitting something I don't like? Then there is the scarf I started with the yarn that I kool-aid dyed. I love the way it is working up but the paper with my notes on where I am in the lace repeat slipped out of my book so I'll just frog it and start again when I have cleared up some of the other projects.

I haven't even discussed the projects that I am planning but haven't yet started! Those are too numerous to mention!

I do have a few finished projects that I can share!

First up is a kicky little belt made from a railroad yarn. I can't find the ball band so I am not sure who makes it but it is just your basic railroad yarn in red, pink and a bit of orange. I call this my "Jamie Belt" after a friend of mine who inspired me to make it. It has little beads (size e) on the fringe. It makes me feel tall and thin when I wear it!

Next is a cork screw style scarf made with Stacy Charles Ritratto #77. It is hot pink color with a bit of purple and orange mixed in and a silver thread. I love this scarf! It's so pretty and feminine. It needs a good name though.

Then there is the little chick egg cozy I whipped up. This was very simple. I used some Lionbrand Jiffy in a pale yellow that I had laying around. I just need to remember what I did so I can make some more!

Monday, March 28

The BEST Secret Pal!

My Secret Pal really is wonderful! I can't wait to find out who she is!

She sent this wonderfully "girly" package which came last week. Look how pretty the box is!

Then I opened it! I feel so special and pampered.

There is:
*a very lovely letter,
*a pretty postcard with a picture of flowers and ruffles - this is now hanging on my message board in the kitchen!
*a pair of "sweetheart" tea cups - the insides are heart shaped!
*3 packets of flowering green tea - the tea leaves look like a little mushroom but then they bloom to a beautiful tea "flower"!
*a fun ball of funky yarn - I don't know what it is called but I love it!
*4 balls of "Panda Fleur 8ply - a GORGEOUS red mohair. I can't stop petting it!
*and a Jo Sharp knitting book - there are some wonderful patterns in here that I am so anxious to make!


How great is that?!

Thursday, March 24

In need of a hat

Today as I was struggling with a bit of a "Bad Hair Day" (and the icky weather didn't help too much), I realized that I could use a hat. I've thought about this and I don't really want just any hat. I want something cute. I have a lot - I mean A LOT - of hair so I don't really need a hat that will keep me warm. I also have high hopes that we are seeing the end of the wintery weather so I won't need a winter hat! Anyway, I want an open work, kid of a lacy looking hat I think. Unfortunately for me, all the hat patterns that I see that fit the bill are crochet and I don't crochet. But that is what I want. Something open and airy, and something that will be cute and feminine with my curls peeking out from underneath when the rest of my hair doesn't want to cooperate. Maybe even a cute little flower on the side. I like those.

So if anyone out there in Blog-land would like to help me out, I would be forever grateful to you! Perhaps point me in the direction of a knitted pattern for said hat, or maybe teach me to crochet this hat? Oh hell who am I kidding! I would be MORE than happy to have someone make a hat for me! I would wear it proudly and let everyone know who made it!

(now that was just shameless wasn't it!)



This is so much fun!

Wednesday, March 23

Build a Bear

Saturday we went to Build-a-Bear for a birthday party. The boys had a great time! What a fun place for a birthday but boy, it sure can add up! Animal, clothes, shoes, accessories, etc etc etc.

After the party, we went for ice cream - yum yum! My girlfriends and I were sitting and talking. My friend Cindy (the one that I am teaching to knit) was telling about her progress with the scarf that I started her on. Our other friend Dawn knits too so we are getting together tomorrow after school for a "knit night" - err.. umm.. "knit afternoon", I guess. LOL Our children are all great friends so they will have a play date while the 3 of us knit and gab. What fun!

Dawn suggested that the three of us should have a little knit-a-long and make sweaters for the bears that our kids all just made. Cute idea but no thanks. Not that I have anything against sweaters for bears but I don't want to put the effort in making something like that when I know that it will get tossed to the back of the closet and forgotten. My boys are not really interested in playing "dress up" with their stuffies. If they do, they want to dress them in such things as baseball uniforms and Army fatigues. They are boys after all! LOL

Thursday, March 3

The Smithsonian

Last week was February vacation which means no school which means we packed up and left town! We headed South to visit my parents in Maryland. A great time was had by all! (well, except for Chris since he didn't get to go)

While we were there, my mom and I spent a day with the boys gawking at fossils, bones and dinosaurs. We took them to the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History. We took the Metro in which was "just SO cool!" because, "you know, Dad takes the Subway to work!"

IMG_3000Here the boys are measuring themselves against elephant leg bones. Edmund was fascinated with the elephant teeth that were on display. Charles and Topher were partial to the dinosaurs (of course!)

We also got to see the Orchid Express Which is a wonderful display of orchids with a model train running through the displays. The orchids were just breath taking and some of them smelled so heavenly. There were some that smelled like vanilla, some that smelled just like chocolate (!) and others were sweetly floral. I think I'd like to get an orchid for my bedroom now!

IMG_2997 IMG_2992
This is my beautiful mother in the black sweater and that is me in the red (looking a little blown out by the flash! ha)

It was a long day and we were all thoroughly exhausted by the time we left but boy, did we have fun!

Wednesday, March 2

Knitting with Friends

I don't have any friends locally that knit. The local Stitch & Bitch group is not too local and doesn't meet at a time that is convenient for me anyway. I didn't think it was that big of a deal though since I do have my internet friends.

Last week the boys and I spent the week visiting my parents in Maryland (more on that trip later) and my mom and I spent a lot of time relaxing and knitting together. It was wonderful in so many ways. My mom taught me a few things, I taught her a few things (which is something since she has been knitting since she was a girl). I realized that I really DO enjoy having someone to knit with.

Yesterday the boys had a snow day so we had a play date. My best friend came over with her 3 boys for the afternoon. She has mentioned a few times in passing that maybe someday she'll have to try knitting. Since her birthday was last week while I was away, I decided that my gift to her (we don't normally exchange gifts) will be to teach her to knit.

I armed her with a lovely ball of slate blue yarn and a pair of needles and taught her to cast on. She is starting with a simple garter stitch scarf. It took her a while but she finally caught on and was so excited! I'm thrilled to have someone to knit with. I think we may plan a weekly get together for tea and knitting.

Tuesday, March 1


March is here and that means it is time to set my goals for the month. These are my personal goals so they encompass all aspects of my life. I find it better for me to have small attainable goals each month instead of grand New Year's Resolutions.

Emily's March Goals

- Drink 64 oz of water each day
- Lose 3 pounds
- Go back to church (missed all of Feb because of moving and part of Jan because of illness)
- Unpack boxes in main living area
- Go back to weekly Date Night
- Finish knitting:
* Chris' second sock
* Charles' second mitten (notice a pattern?)
* My second mitten (this one is not my fault - my mom made the first)