Tuesday, March 29

A whole lot of knitting going on!

I always feel like the slowest knitter out there. I read the blogs and it seems like everyone is just knitting up a storm! Me, I'm just sort of chugging along hoping that I'll eventually finish something.

Then I started thinking about it. I may not be the fastest knitter out there, but I am also not really as slow as I think I am. My problem is that I love the yarn and I just can't stand to have it sitting there waiting for me. I get anxious. I tell myself that I will just do a little swatch to see how it is going to look knitted up. Who am I kidding though! That swatch turns in to another full fledged project and before I know it, I have 5 or 6 (or more!) projects going at once! My time is already limited and with so many projects going at once, I am stretched even thinner.

I've decided to make a pact with myself. No more than two projects going at one time. I need a simple project that I can carry with me and lately that has been wash clothes using this pattern. They require almost no thought and are very portable. I work on them while waiting for the boys. My other project will be the more complicated "at home" project. You know, the one that requires a little more thinking. The one that I need to take notes on and keep track of rows, stitches, patterns etc. I have a few of those going right now.

The "at home" project that is moving to the top of the queue is Topher's jacket. I've got the back, left front and part of the right front done. It is a pretty quick knit so I should be done pretty soon. It really is cute and I know he will get a lot of use out of it. I'm doing it in Navy Blue Wool-Ease with 3 strands held together and I went down to a US 15 to get gauge. I added a little band of ribbing at the bottom and will do so on the cuffs too. I thought that would make it a little more masculine than a rolled edge.

Waiting in the wings is Chickami in TLC Cotton Plus Kiwi. Of course I have decided to call it my Margarita Cami instead. I am about 4 inches in to it.

Also waiting is a sock in Moda Dea Sassy Stripes Crush. It is a simple cuff down sock and I am about done with the cuff. This will be my next "simple" project when the current wash cloth is done.

I have some Berroco Cotton Twist Rosebush that I have been having a hard time with. I tried casting on for several projects but none were right for this. We finally came to an agreement. It wants to be Clapotis. I am almost through the second section. It will make a great shawl with the Margarita Cami.

There are a couple of other little things that were started but will be frogged. A rolled brim hat that I was remaking for Charles because I thought the first one was too small. He, however, doesn't want a new one. He really likes the smaller one. There is another hat that I started for myself with some leftover yarn from a scarf I made. I've never finished it because I didn't like it. Why keep knitting something I don't like? Then there is the scarf I started with the yarn that I kool-aid dyed. I love the way it is working up but the paper with my notes on where I am in the lace repeat slipped out of my book so I'll just frog it and start again when I have cleared up some of the other projects.

I haven't even discussed the projects that I am planning but haven't yet started! Those are too numerous to mention!

I do have a few finished projects that I can share!

First up is a kicky little belt made from a railroad yarn. I can't find the ball band so I am not sure who makes it but it is just your basic railroad yarn in red, pink and a bit of orange. I call this my "Jamie Belt" after a friend of mine who inspired me to make it. It has little beads (size e) on the fringe. It makes me feel tall and thin when I wear it!

Next is a cork screw style scarf made with Stacy Charles Ritratto #77. It is hot pink color with a bit of purple and orange mixed in and a silver thread. I love this scarf! It's so pretty and feminine. It needs a good name though.

Then there is the little chick egg cozy I whipped up. This was very simple. I used some Lionbrand Jiffy in a pale yellow that I had laying around. I just need to remember what I did so I can make some more!


mrspilkington said...

sorry, i win slowest knitter title! :-) i love, love, love your belt and scarf, and that chick cosy is adorable.

great colours for the socks and clapotis, too!

Anonymous said...

Wow - we must have chanelled each other - I decided the same thing last night because of the exact same problem - too many projects.....so I have started one "at home" project and will have others too like yours....good theory.

KnitNana said...

I'm also a slow knitter and I keep 3 projects going (with many in "planning"). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your clapotis! I'm so glad the yarn decided it wanted to be this, it will be lovely!

Jane said...

The yarns for your cami & clapotis compliment each other so well - they're going to be georgous together! I finished mine in a yarn that reminds me of my grandfather's rose garden, but I'm realizing that I don't have anything to wear it with.

The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

I'm a slow knitter too, but I don't care! :)

I also like to keep multiple projects going because what I knit depends on my mood (and where I'm going).

I love the colorway you chose for clapotis. It's very Spring-ish. I just started mine in a green/rosey purple.