Thursday, March 3

The Smithsonian

Last week was February vacation which means no school which means we packed up and left town! We headed South to visit my parents in Maryland. A great time was had by all! (well, except for Chris since he didn't get to go)

While we were there, my mom and I spent a day with the boys gawking at fossils, bones and dinosaurs. We took them to the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History. We took the Metro in which was "just SO cool!" because, "you know, Dad takes the Subway to work!"

IMG_3000Here the boys are measuring themselves against elephant leg bones. Edmund was fascinated with the elephant teeth that were on display. Charles and Topher were partial to the dinosaurs (of course!)

We also got to see the Orchid Express Which is a wonderful display of orchids with a model train running through the displays. The orchids were just breath taking and some of them smelled so heavenly. There were some that smelled like vanilla, some that smelled just like chocolate (!) and others were sweetly floral. I think I'd like to get an orchid for my bedroom now!

IMG_2997 IMG_2992
This is my beautiful mother in the black sweater and that is me in the red (looking a little blown out by the flash! ha)

It was a long day and we were all thoroughly exhausted by the time we left but boy, did we have fun!

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