Thursday, March 24

In need of a hat

Today as I was struggling with a bit of a "Bad Hair Day" (and the icky weather didn't help too much), I realized that I could use a hat. I've thought about this and I don't really want just any hat. I want something cute. I have a lot - I mean A LOT - of hair so I don't really need a hat that will keep me warm. I also have high hopes that we are seeing the end of the wintery weather so I won't need a winter hat! Anyway, I want an open work, kid of a lacy looking hat I think. Unfortunately for me, all the hat patterns that I see that fit the bill are crochet and I don't crochet. But that is what I want. Something open and airy, and something that will be cute and feminine with my curls peeking out from underneath when the rest of my hair doesn't want to cooperate. Maybe even a cute little flower on the side. I like those.

So if anyone out there in Blog-land would like to help me out, I would be forever grateful to you! Perhaps point me in the direction of a knitted pattern for said hat, or maybe teach me to crochet this hat? Oh hell who am I kidding! I would be MORE than happy to have someone make a hat for me! I would wear it proudly and let everyone know who made it!

(now that was just shameless wasn't it!)

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Yarngirl said...

nah, it never hurts to ask! I found this page that has quite a few lacy open looking hats - or if you have a pattern already, let me know, and color choice and I will see what I can whip up for you.