Sunday, September 21

Topher is 8!

Topher is 8!
Happy Birthday Topher, we love you! You ARE our SuperTopher!!

8 Things about Me!
by Topher

1.  Macaroni and Cheese is my favorite.  I like it the way my mom makes it.

2. I love yellow. It makes me happy.

3. The Yankees are my favorite baseball team.

4. The Longhorns are my favorite football team. I like those big horns.

5. I miss living in Connecticut because I miss having a snow fort and visiting my cousins.

6. I like living in Texas because I really like my school and I can play outside a lot.

7. I like cowboys and I want to be one when I grow up. I already have a hat, and boots and a cool cowboy belt.

8. I really love my whole family.