Saturday, July 24

habit : July 24

Habit : July 24

"Your Life is Now" - John Mellencamp
Yes... yes it is. I don't know what I am waiting for.

Friday, July 23

habit : July 23

Habit : July 23

Today was steamy. A trip to the library and some Italian Ice helped.

Thursday, July 22

habit : July 22

Habit : July 22

One came home tonight. Two will leave again this weekend. They have been coming and going all Summer. I'm ready for it to be my turn.

Wednesday, July 21

habit : July 21

Habit : July 21

An after dinner walk. Just the two of them. They are brothers and, at least for today, friends.

Tuesday, July 20

habit : July 20

Habit : July 20

I was up early and they slept late so I soaked in the quiet. By bedtime, I was glad I had taken that time.

Monday, July 19

habit : July 19

Habit : July 19

I received a phone call today that I was hoping for but my reaction was not what I would have expected.

Sunday, July 18

habit : July 18

Habit : July 18

A rainbow over the house was the perfect way to end the weekend.

Saturday, July 17

habit : July 17

Habit : July 17

I thought today would be hard but it was the anticipation of today that posed the greater challenge.

Friday, July 16

habit : July 16

Habit : July 16

I have to keep telling myself that it will be ok ... that I will be ok.

Thursday, July 15

habit : July 15

Habit : July 15

Never underestimate the importance of a well thought out master plan.

Wednesday, July 14

habit : July 14

Habit : July 14

Today was a purple vitamin day!

Tuesday, July 13

habit : July 13

habit : July 13

An important reminder.
...and one I needed to see.

Monday, July 12

habit : July 12

Habit July 12

You've grown so much this summer .... we both have. I just didn't expect you to do it overnight.

Sunday, July 11

habit : July 11

Habit : July 11

I need to remember to say yes more.

Saturday, July 10

habit : July 10

Habit : July 10

When you tell me that I am the best, sometimes I think I might start to believe you.

Friday, July 9

habit : July 9

Habit : July 9

It's hard to be small but there are times when being big isn't too easy either.

Thursday, July 8

habit : July 8

Habit : July 8

It feels good to be teaching again ...even if it is only for the week.

Wednesday, July 7

habit : July 7

Habit : July 7

The day started with a lot of promise. I have a renewed sense of hope for the future.

Tuesday, July 6

habit : July 6

Habit : July 6

They ground spices at church and the neighbor brought over some vegetables from her garden so we made fresh tomato sauce for dinner.

Monday, July 5

habit : July 5

habit : July 5

When it's summer, every day is Friday.

Sunday, July 4

habit : July 4

Habit : July 4

I'm really glad we've been able to remain friendly. It's important for them.

Saturday, July 3

habit : July 3

Habit : July 3

The storm held off long enough for the parade. This year, 2 of my boys got to march. Soon it will be all 3.

Friday, July 2

habit : July 2

Habit : July 2

An arm full of books and CD's (and even a few magazines) from the library. Sandwiches and fruit salad for dinner. The day was quiet....and good.

Thursday, July 1

habit : July 1

Habit : July 1

Four unintentional days with out coffee. I decided not to make it five.