Monday, June 23

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market week 9

This week: Leeks! yellow squash, Mexican zucchini, red potatoes, jalapenos, cantaloupe, tomatoes (2 kinds) and worm castings.

Yep, worm castings. I'm hoping that my container gardens will benefit. They are looking a little sad out there and really need a nutritional boost.

That partly eaten hot banana pepper is Edmund's. The farmer gave it to him to try when Edmund told him he liked spicy peppers. Edmund took a bite and said it wasn't too spicy. The farmer smiled and told him to take a real good bite with some of the seeds. Edmund took another and still said it was fine then he took one more. The beads of sweat started forming on his brow! The farmer laughed and assured him that the jalapenos are mild compared to that one. That hot pepper (or what's left of it) will probably find it's way in to a batch of salsa.

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