Saturday, June 28

Cub Scout Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp Archery

Last night was family night at Scout Camp. The archery range and the bb gun ranges were set up as well as a small climbing wall. We never made it to the climbing wall. The boys had such a good time at archery and bb guns, they kept getting back in line.

Cub Scout Day Camp

Topher has never shot bb guns or archery before this week. Archery was a bit difficult for him. He didn't have enough strength to get the arrow through the target - they kept bouncing off. Still, not bad for a first timer. BB guns, however, he really took to! Last night was just his third time and he did so well! He wanted to try to qualify for the Junior USA Shooting Team Patch. He need a score of 35 or better with just 5 shots. He shot a 46! We were so excited for him. He was so proud of himself! He shot 2 bulls eyes and a "Robin Hood" - he it the same spot twice! They told me that he was the only one in his age group to qualify all week. I think he has found his talent! Perhaps the Olympics are in his future!

Cub Scout Day Camp BB Guns

Of course Edmund and Chaz also got to shoot. They have both done bb guns and archery before and just like Topher, they really love it. Chaz had a little trouble with his aim but we'll work on it with him. Edmund missed qualifying for his shooting patch his first two times but third time is a charm! With a score of 49, he came home with is patch.

Junior Shooting Team!

There was to be a picnic and campfire but it was so very hot. We had brought a picnic with us but we brought it back home again. The blanket was laid out on the living room floor and we had our picnic inside - with air conditioning and a movie.

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