Friday, June 13

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Happy Birthday Chris!
missing tooth courtesy of a foul ball at baseball practice

Today is Chris' birthday! I didn't make him write out a list of interesting things about himself. We did have a nice little family celebration, though.

We went out for burgers and wings (birthday boy's choice) and came home to blackberry peach cobbler. Chris isn't a cake eater but he loves pies, crisps and cobblers so cobbler it was. I love peach cobbler but I never make it because all the recipes that I have make a bicuity type topping that never really cooks properly. The tops is dry and bland and the underneath is raw and gummy. Then I found this recipe! It is now officially my favorite cobbler recipe. Stephani really knows her way around the kitchen! Last night we made her tomato pie which was also wonderful.

Chris likes to keep his birthday simple. The boys made him some paintings and we gave him new grill tools (we caught the last set on fire!) He had a good birthday and that is all that matters, really.

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