Tuesday, March 25

Chaz is 9!

Chaz is 9!

NINE! Already! You are growing too fast. Happy birthday, Chazmataz! We love you, loads.

9 Things About Chaz
by Charles T

1. I'm funny because I make people laugh. I make them laugh by being silly. I like to be silly

2. My favorite foods are pepperoni pizza and spaghetti. But not at the same time! I like my mom's spaghetti and meatballs the best.

3. I like monkeys because they are just like me! I can climb like a monkey and I like to eat bananas. My favorite monkey is Curious George!

4. I have cool hair because it is red. Not a lot of people have red hair. People like my red hair and they are sometimes jealous that I have red hair and they don't. I don't have curly red hair, though.

5. I really like school! It is fun. My favorite subject is Language Arts and Reading.

6. I love to read. A lot! I could read 4th grader books in kindergarden. I didn't always like that though because no one else in my class could read yet. Now I don't care about that. My favorite kinds of books to read are mysteries and adventures. I like to read the same books over and over again if they are really good. This bugs my mom.

7. I love the Red Sox! I really liked it when they won the World Series. My Mom, my Grandmom and Grandpa, and my Grandma Mimi all like the Red Sox too. That's because they are real smart like me!

8. My cousin Licia calls me NASA. She thinks I look like the boss at NASA. Licia is an astronomer, I think. She's pretty cool and she is the only one allowed to call me NASA. (She likes the Red Sox, too!)

9. When I grow I am going to be an inventor. I want to work with my friend Travis. He's my best bud. We are going to invent the Hover Disk (don't steal that idea!)

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Anonymous said...

I love what the red headed Red Sox funny monkey boy tells us about himself. He may be NASA to some, or Nomar to others but all in all, he's fantastic. Cool too!