Friday, March 14

"Why Mom is Special"

"The Woman I Admire"

March is Women's History Month and Chaz's class decided to write essays honoring a woman that they each admire. Chaz chose me (an I am indeed honored!) This morning we were all invited to come to the class for a little tea and to hear the essays being read. The children did a wonderful job and there wasn't a dry eye in the room! Not all the students chose to honor their mothers. Some chose an aunt or a grandmother or a good family friend.

Mom is a special person. Mom is fun because she plays with me. She is helpful because she helps me with my homework. Mom is nice because she makes everyone happy. She is nice to be around because she helps me when I am confused. Mom is SPECIAL!

He wrote so much more (apparently I have "a lot of secrets"!) but this is the part that he read aloud. He had a hard time reading it - every time he looked at me, he'd smile and then wasn't able to read. We avoided eye contact and he did a great job.

"The Woman I Admire"

Chaz, you are so special to me too!


Jamie said...

That is so sweet!
Awesome Job!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww. How wonderfule.
And nice dress!


Anonymous said...

Great picture. Really thoughtful son!!