Thursday, March 27

Sewing For Someone Small

Baby Gift

Chaz just loves school and he really likes his teacher this year. She is leaving in the next week or so to have a baby and won't be back until the Fall. The class is having a baby shower for her tomorrow so I made a little gift for Chaz to give her. Using the simple bib pattern from this book as my guide, I sketched out a pattern. I didn't feel like going to the copy shop to enlarge the pattern in the book.

We know that Mrs. H likes lime green and is having a girl so I looked through my fabric bin for some appropriate fabric. I had just enough of this floral piece for a little bib. The back is from a terry dish towel from my kitchen. The edges were frayed but the main body of the towel was like new. Perfect for cutting apart for this project.

I love the way this little bib turned out. It almost makes me wish I had a little one still in bibs - almost but not quite.

Spring Card

Chaz went looking through my sewing basket and found a few fabric yo-yos. He picked out his two favorite and turned them in to a card. I think we'll be making more cards with yo-yos. I love it! (if I do say so myself!)

I've got another baby gift in the works now. It's another girl so that will be fun. A nice change from all the boys things I'm surrounded by.

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