Sunday, June 1


Cinco de Mayo Festival

I didn't mean to take a little break. I had plenty to talk about and photos to share but I got busy with so many other things that needed to come first.

I've been doing some research and making some plans. There have been trips to the library and the farmer's market. There was a small local festival and one of us went camping. My sewing machine has become a prominent feature at the dining room table (I really need to find a better place for it). My kitchen has been full of hustle and bustle and lots of good food. Projects have been worked on. List have been made and things are being crossed off.

Counting Down

The boys have had field trips and projects. There have been TAKS tests and fitness tests. We've made paper chains to count down the last days of school. They've been preparing for class parties and field day. There was a Mother's Day tea and Cub Scout and Boy Scout awards. We are getting ready for a graduation!

Life has been moving at full steam. We've been busy but we've been happy -- just as it should be.


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