Thursday, June 19

At the Library

Story Time Theater - Pecos Bill

This week's library program was an interactive story time theater performance of Pecos Bill. We took our neighbor, Sarah, with us and all four kids had a great time. They were really laughing through out the entire show!

At the Library

After the show, we went in to the library for books. Of course we had to pick some books about Pecos Bill and other American folk tales. The boys also turned in their reading logs. This week they got to put their names on the wall. There were also Whataburger certificates and a small toy. The toy just kills me! The pre-K to 5th graders were given plastic hand clappers while the older kids were given small bookmark craft kits. 50+ little kids running through the library playing with clappers! I'm not sure who's idea that was but perhaps it needs a little rethinking. Oh well.

We found lots of new to us books to read and got Sarah signed up for the reading program. It was another fun afternoon at the library.

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