Saturday, June 7

Summer Reading

Library Day

Sumer means more trips to the library! The boys are really thrilled that this year there are no required summer reading lists nor are there any mandatory summer homework packets - from the school, at least. There is always some learning but "Mom work" is much more fun than "school work".

This week we made our way to the library with open minds and no lists. We also signed up for the Summer Reading Program. I remember going to the library with my sister every summer to sign up for the reading program. There was always some special prize for the child who read the most books during the summer and it was always my sister that won the prize. I think at some point she was asked not to sign up so other children had a chance. We were pretty voracious readers but my sister really took the cake!

Now everyone is a winner. The boys aren't competing against others or even against themselves. The requirement - read 20 minutes a day for seven days. After seven days, bring in the log, get a small prize and a new log. Easy peasy for my boys, at least. I've got my own voracious readers. I think Chaz could give my sister a run for her money!

Library Day

This week the boys came home with almost 20 books between the three of them. That should probably last them the week. (I hope!)

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