Tuesday, June 24

Bandana Pack

Bandana Pack

This is Topher's week to go to Camp. He's too young for sleep away camp so he is going to Cub Scout Day Camp. To say he is excited is an understatement! He's going with his friends, the theme is pirates! and he gets to do things like archery, bb guns, swimming and crafts. A little boy's dream!

He has a few things that he needs to bring with him each day and needs an easy way to carry it. I wanted something a little more "camp" and a little less "school" than a backpack so I made him a little string pack.

It's amazingly simple - 2 bandanas and 4 yards of sweatshirt cording. That's it!

Bandana Pack

::Fold one edge on each bandana over about an inch and stitch. This will make the top casing.

::Right sides together and the casing edges at the top, put the bandanas together and stitch up the sides. Stop just before you get to the casing edge. You want this to stay open.

::Cut the cording in half. Thread one length through the casing and back out again on the same side you started. Do the same on the opposite side. The loose ends should be on the inside (where the right sides are)

::Line the ends of the corner up with the bottom corners of the bandanas. Stitch across the bottom to close it up, capturing the ends of the cord.

::Turn right side out. Pull the side cords to cinch up the top.

Bandana Pack

Let me know if you make one!

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