Monday, June 30

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market week 10

We got to the farmer's market this weekend about the same time we usually do. Suddenly it's a little too late. Our favorite farmer was looking a bit picked over on some things and had sold out of other things. Luckily we were still able to come home with some great fresh produce.

Chaz loves the little red potatoes and looks for them every week. Corn made an appearance this week as well as blackberries! There are still plenty of tomatoes and this week there were green tomatoes, too. I didn't buy any but I sort of wish I had. More and more peppers have been showing up and this week it was green bell peppers. There were huge watermelons and I was very tempted to buy one. However, They were almost as big as Topher and Chris and Edmund weren't with me to help carry it. Next weekend.

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