Friday, June 20

Fun with a Friend

Summer Fun + a Friend

for the six one way project.

The boys spent quite a bit of time this week with our neighbor. Sarah loves playing with the boys and often wishes she could be their sister. Sometimes she wants to be in our family and sometimes she wants the boys to be part of hers.

1. The kids helped me make strawberry rhubarb jam this week. They are waiting to hear the "ping" to make sure all the jars sealed properly.

2. They weeded the flower beds at Sarah's house.

3. They are waiting for the show to start at the library.

Yes, they're wearing the same orange shirts all week. The kids went to Vacation Bible school together all week and came home and changed from this year's shirt in to last years.

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Shawnee said...

What an interesting blog. I like all your pictures and the everyday stuff.

I was just stalking you to see if you had posted anything about sending off your apron package. LOL!! Caught me!