Thursday, June 5

Class of 2008!

Elementary School Graduate!

Edmund graduated from elementary school today! I can't believe it. It's all happening too fast. This was the last year that all 3 boys would be in the same school. Edmund is off to (the big, scary) middle school in the fall. ::sigh::

The school had a small "graduation" ceremony this morning for the students. The class sang a couple of songs and there was a slide show highlighting the year. There were various awards and then the students were given the report cards and dismissed. I think being able to leave school at 9:30 while the rest of the grades were there until 1:30 was one of the big highlights of the morning!

Edmund was honored with an Accelerated Reader award. We are so very proud of him. He went through a period of time when we really had to struggle with him to get him to read. He could read - he just didn't want to. We are most proud of the hard work he did this year. The beginning of the year was a bit of a struggle for him and he really turned himself around. His grades really reflected that too.

I'm proud of all my boys. They were in a bit if a tough spot in the fall - adjusting to a new school in a new state and all that but they really did shine! We'll be doing a bit a of celebrating this weekend.

Class of 2008
5th Grade Graduating Class of 2008!

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