Thursday, May 26

A Very Good Mail Day!

Secret Pal 4


My final package from SP4 Ailsa arrived! She sent 3 skeins of Andean Silk from Knit Picks in a gorgeous Sangria color. The yarn feels divine! I'm thinking something lacy to wear while I sip on Sangria might be in order for this yarn. She also sent a wonderful little sock sizing tool. Perfect for figuring out how long to make socks for various sized feet. There was also a bottle of wool wash. I've been using baby shampoo to wash my wool. I feel like a real knitter now. Then there was a bottle of cuticle oil. It smells like lavender which I just love! My nails tend to get dry and brittle so this will surely help! There was also another item that is still on backorder. It should be here next week, though. I know what it is but I am pretending that I don't so it will be a surprise when it comes.



My stitch markers from my Bead-it buddy Vicki came. Aren't they sweet? Dainty little things. I love them! Of course you all know how much I love red! The little charms say "Create" and are meant to inspire. I just know that they will, too. Thanks so much Vicki!

Back-Tack (Phase 1)


My fabric package from my secret Back-Tack buddy came. It was so exciting to see what sorts of fun things were sent for me to work with. Backtack-Phase-1 I can hardly wait to get started! I hope that the final recipient loves these fabrics as much as I do! It is so tempting to just keep it all for myself and using something else to create something for my phase 2 partner! (kidding kidding, tempting yes, but I wouldn't do that). There a 3 cotton fabrics and 2 smaller pieces of something else (mole skin, perhaps? sorry, I know I should know what it is), there is also some blue baby rickrack (I love rickrack!), some brown ribbon with little blue circles, some brown ribbon bows,and some little blue scalloped edge buttons. The colors are wonderful! Chocolate-y brown and bird's egg blue.

BackTack-Phase1-treats My secret Back-Tack buddy also sent a few treats for me! What an unexpected surprise! She sent 3 tins of Altoids Sours in Tangerine, Citrus, and Apple. There was also a lovely Zen Bath Time Kit from Trader Joe's. I love Trader Joe's! Our little store carries nothing like this though! Lavender Vanilla scented bath goodies in a Chinese Tack out style container. Then there was a book! A book about a little robot hedgehog! The boys have already read the book - twice! Edmund was so impressed with the package - "all things you love, Mommy!" Thank you so much Secret Back-Tack buddy!!

We have had rain, rain, rain for several days now. It has been dark and dreary which means the pictures are a bit dark. Sorry about that.

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kath red said...

what a cool package, lots of pretty things there