Friday, May 13

Science Fair

Today was the Second Grade Environmental Science Fair. The student were learning about the environment - various types of environments and ways to protect the environment. They had to do a research paper on an environment and then create a diorama depicting that environment. They also had to build something out of recycled products and write a report detailing what they built, what they used and what they learned. WOW! Second grade!!


Edmund chose the Savanna. He created several animals (giraffe, zebra, cheetah, warthog and an elephant) from pipe cleaners (and pom poms for the elephant). He also made some trees using pipe cleaners, a toilet paper tube and green tissue paper. He did a great job!!

His recycled product was a car. He used a bread crumb canister for the body and chopsticks and yogurt tub lids for the wheels and axles. He used lots of other little bits for various other parts of his car.

I'm really very proud of him! He is doing so well in school. I think moving and changing schools back in February was the best thing for him (and for Charles too). They are learning so much more and doing so much more than they did in the other school.


Jamie said...

Way to go Edmund. It looks fantastic!

luvs2knit said...

Wow!!! That car is so cool and I love the savannah. It turned out so well. Good job!!!

Claudia said...

Love the savannah, what a smart little guy you have there, can't wait for Anika to do stuff like that.