Monday, May 23

This Week at the Library

Here are our library finds:

(Due June 20)

Herbs Gardens of Delight (out of print)
by Adelma G. Simmons

I can't wait to plant an herb garden in our new house!

Grill Italian
by Clifford A. Wright

Backyard Barbecues

Chris' birthday is in just under a month and I want to plan a barbecue for him.

Living in New England
by Elaine Louie and Solvi Dos Santos

I loved the pictures and who knows, maybe I'll get a little inspiration for my New England home.

I also picked up "America's Best Cross-Stitch" by Better Homes and Gardens from the used book table for $1. There are a lot of great charts in the book.

Topher has moved out of the shark books and picked out a couple of books on pirates today. One has several pirate related crafts in it and I think that might help when it comes to getting him to wear his patch.

topher-flagToday was also the last week for Preschool Story Hour until September. The woman that normally runs it was not there so someone else was filling in. I don't think she was entirely comfortable reading in front of a group. She didn't have a real easy group though, either. There were quite a few children that we really wound up and therefor refused to sit quietly. They were running all around the program room yelling and making a lot of noise. I don't really blame them as much as blame their parents/grandparents that were not doing anything about it. Those children that wanted to hear the stories were getting awfully frustrated.

The stories today were about Memorial Day. The craft was a flag. They glued a blue square to the top left corner of a white sheet of paper, made stripes with red wooden coffee stirrers and then stuck little stars to the blue. Very cute and Topher wants to bring his to the parade this weekend. The same adults who allowed their children to run wild, also did the craft FOR them! Boggles the mind.

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