Friday, May 6

My Knitting Bag

I've been on the hunt for a knitting bag. I've just been sort of stuffing my knitting in my purse but I wanted to switch to a smaller purse so that would no longer work. I've seen some that I really like but they are just not in my budget right now. I've thought about making my own but I got overwhelmed at the fabric choices. (there are just too many wonderful fabrics!)

While at Target picking up cleaning supplies, I found this bag.

knitting bagknitting bag inside

It is just the perfect bag for my knitting right now. It is light and summery. Large enough to hold my knitting, a book and/or pattern and what ever notions I want to carry around. It has a small zippered pocket inside and it ties closed with some pretty bits of ribbon. The price was right, too. ($12)

I may eventually want a more standard knitting bag with lots of pockets inside but until I find the one I want, this one fits the bill.


luvs2knit said...

Love the Target bag!!! I have about six bags for knitting projects. It looks like it can fit a lot of stuff.

Michelle said...

Great bag - it looks like it'll be easy to keep things organized in.