Wednesday, May 18

A Day at the Beach


A little early in the season but fun none the less! Yesterday Topher and I spent the morning at the beach on a field trip with his preschool class. The weather was beautiful for it! Warm enough to wear shorts and dip our feet in to the icy water but cool enough to a little sweater.

Topher-Beach-1The tide was low enough that we had plenty of areas to hunt for shells (and a little beach glass too!). We found a lot of shells and plenty of snails too. Topher was really hoping to find some crabs and a fish or two. No such luck this time. He was pretty fascinated with the seagulls. He kept trying to sneak up on them and catch them! I think he planned on bringing one home in his little (4 oz!) Glad container. He tried to get everyone and anyone to help him catch one of those birds! He also really DID think that one was going to fit in to his little snack cup! He's a real character! What did he think he going to do with that seagull once he got home, though?

Topher-and-Peggy We also took a walk up to the pier to look out across the water. (That is him with his favorite teacher) We looked across the sound and Topher excitedly pointed out Charles Island which he is just convinced is named for his own brother! The children all loved hearing that it is believed that the pirate Captain Kidd may have buried some of his treasure here! Of course now they all want to go looking! Who wouldn't hough! We saw a few small boats on the water and a large ship (an oil tanker possibly?) in the distance. We also saw a few Cormorants bobbing up and down in the water searching for fish. However, my shark obsessed son is absolutely CONVINCED they were sharks! But they are nice sharks he tells me, because they know he likes them. It makes him happy so we believe.

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