Friday, May 13


"Ninja Swords" by Topher (age 4)

This week's theme for Illustration Friday is "Mischief". I was working on my own entry when this one sort of fell in to my lap. Topher decided to "make the walls pretty". He is a mischievous little scamp for sure!

The picture quality is not that great. The drawing is done in a light crayon on white walls so it was hard to get enough contrast in the picture to have it show. Next week, a real entry!


Jamie said...

You have a budding graffiti artist on your hands....;-)

Claudia said...

Oh Emily, I have a little one that is the samw way. At least yours has content where Lars' is just scribbles. Thank goodness for Magic Erasers.
The bread looks fantastic too, miss you on the list.


Anonymous said...
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