Friday, April 22

Week in Review

This week the boys were home from school for April Vacation. We had such a beautiful week! No rain, clear skies and unseasonably warm temperatures.

Tuesday was Library day. The boys just love to go to the Library. They get giddy at the sight of all those books! After the library, we had a picnic lunch. The first picnic of the year! In the confusion that morning, I forgot to pack my lunch. I made it, I just forgot to put in in the bag! This was the view from our spot at the park.

IMG_3052 The Marina

Wednesday Cindy and I took our boys (she also has 3) bowling and out to lunch. Mine have never been before so this was a real treat for them. What a fun time we all had - and lots of laughs. I think that some of the balls where about as big as Topher! Charles bowled a strike and a couple of spares. Edmund bowled quite a few spares. What naturals! Between games they fortified themselves with grilled cheese and french fries. Who could ask for more!

IMG_3055 Edmund
IMG_3054 Charles
IMG_3056 Topher

Thursday was my knitting group which meant it was a playdate for the boys. In addition to Cindy's 3 boys, they got to play with DawnMarie's 3 girls. All 9 of the kids are so close and get along so well. They played at the park at the beach and took a walk along the sand and the rocks looking for crabs in the nooks and crannies. Topher unfortunately got his foot stuck and fell flat on his face. He banged up his face and bruised his nose pretty badly. He also broke his glasses - we had just picked up his new prescription an hour earlier. Thanks goodness we have a terrific warranty!

Saturday was a lazy day of playing games, watching TV and just relaxing. It absolutely poured and there was some thunder and lightening. A transformer was hit and power lines were down just up the street from us and all the power went out on that side. Luckily for us, we were not affected.

Tomorrow Edmund and Charles are back in school (Topher is in school 2 mornings a week) and we can get back to a regular routine. It was a fun week though and I am glad the weather cooperated!


Yarngirl said...

Thanks Emily!! I'm making Soleil out of Classic Elite Provence in a bright olive green - I will take pics and post so check back! Sounds like you had a nice week - and crocheting too - LOL! Laughed about you're DH's comments!

knitabulous said...

That topher looks SO CUTE bowling - it really made me smile!