Thursday, April 21

Knitting Group

The gals and I got together today for our weekly "Knit and Chat". The weather was beautiful so we took a walk with the kids. We spent the afternoon knitting at the beach while the kids played on the playground. Perfect!

Today was a learning day! Cindy, who I am teaching to knit, has completed two garter stitch scarves and a diagonal garter stitch dishcloth and is now learning to purl. She is coming right along!

DawnMarie is teaching me to crochet. Actually she is teaching me to crochet a specific pattern. Once I caught on, it was quite fun! I wouldn't be able to crochet something else at this point but I can do this pattern so that is ok!

IMG_3062 I have to make 72 of these!

Chris must have been reading certain knitting blogs because his comment was "You have gone over to the Dark Side!!" He is know referring to me as "Darth Emily" when he sees me pick up the crochet hook. He's a character!

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Jamie said...

Okay Em,
Not nice...telling us your crocheting a pattern, showing us the picture and not telling us what you are making...LOL

Please share!!