Friday, April 15

Creative Parenting

We are doing a little in house community service. Charles - who is 6 and should know better - was caught marking his territory. He wrote on his walls! Luckily it was pencil and cleaned up with minimal fuss but he still should have known better. My little graffiti artist has had all of his tools (crayons, pencils, markers) confiscated until he does 1 hour of extra chores.

I've made up a little chart for him - you know, visual reenforcement and all that - and for each 5 minutes of work he does, he can mark off a square. When all the squares are marked, he is done. I've hung it on his bedroom door so it is constant reminder.

I hope it works!


Yarngirl said...

I remember when my oldest wrote on the wallpaper in the kitchen, because at one point I told him that writing was only to be on PAPER - get it, wallPAPER.

mrspilkington said...

sounds like a good strategy!

Jamie said...

Awesome EM!
It is a great idea....more kids need to learn there are consequences for their actions before they have to realize it in the real world.

You definitley have your kids best interests at heart.

Emily said...

Thanks Ladies! It is so hard sometimes. Chris I can't stop chuckling about the wallpaper - although I am sure it wasn't funny at the time! Kids can be so literal sometimes can't they?!