Friday, April 29

Projects Galore!

Crab fabric and pattern It has been awhile since I have pulled out the sewing machine and gotten creative. (About 18 months actually - ever since the needle went through my finger. OUCH!) I love sewing and I have been having the urge to make something lately. I spent about 2 hours looking around the fabric shop hoping to be inspired.

Crab fabric close This is what I found! I am very excited and I can't wait to get started. It's an embroidered linen in natural with red crabs! So cute and summery! I'll be making the short version of the dress and it will hit just above the knee. I think I will have enough fabric left to make a matching purse, too. I just need to decide on a style. As always, I am open to suggestions!

Crochet Tunic Here is the crochet tunic pattern that I am working on. I'm going to keep at it. The flowers are small and easily transportable so it makes a good project for me to do during baseball practice. The flowers will be in red and a rose color and the parts connecting all the flowers will be Navy blue. The yarn is TLC Cotton Plus. It is 51% cotton and 49% acrylic. I wanted something that was easy care since I plan to wear it to the beach. Several of you have helped me put it all in perspective - if I'm not done for this Summer, there is always next!

* I tried to make the pictures clickable so you see them bigger. I don't know if it will work though. I'm still learning. (Oh and yes, that is a Bloody Mary behind the FC magazine!)


Jamie said...

Oh Em,
I just love the fabric.
I've been feeling the sewing bug lately too. Does it have something to do with the weather?

Yarngirl said...

I like the cover up! It might just match your hat if you put one of those flowers on it!!!!

Emily said...

That is a great idea, Chris! I just might do that! BTW, the hat has been getting a LOT of wear. Thanks again!!

Jamie, I think the weather is probably somewhat of a catalyst. All those cute summer fabrics are just begging to be whipped in to a fun little top or a kicky skirt. :-)

knitabulous said...

Finally I can comment on your blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE that fabric. Funny, I'm sewing this weekend too. I'm making a roll for my knitting needles and hemming school trousers - not quite as exciting as you.

PS: I'm no secret any more!!!!

amelia said...

Very nice fabric! Would love to see a picture of the finished garment. I just picked up my sewing about a year ago and am having a blast!

luvs2knit said...

Cannot wait to see the finished garment!!! Love the fabric!