Tuesday, April 12

Move over Wonder Woman!

I have always been somewhat taken with Wonder Woman. Love her, want to BE her! Why? Don't really know. I am a patriotic person so maybe it is the snazzy stars and stripes costume she wears. Or perhaps it is the little gold tiara - -what girl doesn't want her own tiara? Or maybe it is the boots. I love me a good pair of high boots. Of course, that lasso of truth is pretty cool too! What ever it was, I have always thought that as far as female super heros go, WW is just "the bestest EVER!"

But there is a new girl in town!

Enter Mrs. Incredible (nee Elasti-girl) I was watching this recently with the boys and I have got to say, she has it going on! She is a wife and a mother struggling to keep it all running smoothly. I can relate to that. Her costume is pretty snazzy, too. First and fore most, it is RED. I think you all know how much I love red! This body hugging number shows off her feminine curves and is a slimming black just in the spot she needs it most (and can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that they drew her just a little wide in the hips and bottom region!) She also has some really awesome thigh high boots! THOSE are boots!

And how about her powers? She is indestructible! What mother can't use a little fireproofing now and again? Then there is her super stretch. I think that is what I like the best. When the kids are out of control she can stay comfortably seated in her chair and still reach out and snatch them up! Or in my case, if "someone" (that would be Charles!) happens to decide to run off to the next aisle at the grocery store, instead of chasing after him which causes him to run faster in fits of laughter, I can just keep on shopping and send one hand after him to reign him in.

Yep, I think I might like to be Mrs Incredible. From this point forward, please refer to me as such!

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Jamie said...

Hi there Mrs Incredible ;-)
So you like Red too? Its my fav color.....am wearing it right now...LOL

I have to agree that our heros change....thank goodness girls have such role models to aspire too....not just a helpless female waiting for a man to save them....

I love that the show, shows her saving the day!