Thursday, April 14

Rip it! Rip it good!


Oh yes, there is a whole lot of ripping going on! It feels good not to have all these partial projects hanging over me! Clockwise from the top we have the pink Kool-aid dyed yarn that was the start of a lacy scarf. Next is GGh something or another that is left over from a scarf. I started a coordinating hat but I didn't like it. Then there is the Paton's Classic in gray and red that I started a felted bag with. I've decided to make a different bag instead. Finally there is the Red Heart that I made a hat for Charles from. I thought I needed to remake it but he doesn't want me to.

Now the yarn has been frogged, washed and rewound. It's back in the stash cabinet and is ready for something new! It actually felt really good to rip all that unwanted knitting out. A bit therapeutic.

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