Friday, April 29


Edmund's first lost tooth

The toothfairy will be making her first visit to Our Home on the Hill!! Edmund has finally lost a tooth. He was a little concerned that it was never going to happen - he is 8 and in the 2nd grade already. I was a little concerned that the dentist would have to take it. His bottom front 2 permanent teeth are almost fully in already. Of course that was kind of cool to him. He thought of himself as a bit of a "shark boy" with that second row of teeth! You'll have to excuse the goofy looking picture, he was excited but also feeling a little pain and was not too thrilled with the amount of blood that filled his mouth. There was a lot too!

Edmund Mowing

He got over it though. He went out and cut the grass in the side yard with Chris' new push mower. Chris has a tractor but wanted something small to get around the fence and pool. Edmund did a great job on the yard even if with the mower being a little too big for him. He improvised!

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