Monday, August 20



My parents flew in on Thursday for an extended weekend visit. They are our first house guests in our new home! The boys and I drove to the airport (a scary prospect but it turned out to be quite simple) and met their plane. We were all so excited to see each other. Topher could hardly contain his excitement long enough for Grandmom and Grandpa to make their way around the security glass.

Our weekend was a wonderful one. We spent a lot of time just relaxing - reading books, playing games, hanging out. We did some exploring, a little shopping, and whole lot of eating. We drank wine, and made margaritas and mojitos. (though not on the same night!) We showed Grandmom and Grandpa where our new school is, where we buy groceries and where the playground is. (to make it easier for them to picture us doing these things)

The days went quickly and we drove back to the airport this morning.

Now I am left with an extra load of laundry and the anticipation of our next visit.

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