Saturday, August 4

C is for....


We went shopping today and I came home with a new car! We sold my old car just before we moved and I have been without ever since (about a month). At first, it really wasn't too bad but as time went on, it became more and more difficult. After a lot of research, we finally found the car I wanted at the price Chris wanted.

I took drivers ed. in highschool at around age 15 but didn't get my license until 17 or 18. I had no interest in driving. I told my parents I would just ride my bike everywhere and they told me this was unrealistic. My mom dragged me down to the DMV to take the test.

I have no problems getting in the car and driving where ever I need to go - short distance, long distance, highways, back roads... However, when given a choice, I am still perfectly content to ride in the passengers seat.

After being with out a car for a month (and not really driving at all during that time) I am excited to be behind the wheel again. The kids and I plan on exploring our new town this week. We have a little list of places to find. First stop - the library!

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