Tuesday, August 7

Library Day


Armed with a car navigational system (affectionately known as "the Voice") and plenty of free time, the boys and I set off today to find our local library. Easy Peasy, puddin' pie.

We couldn't help comparing our new library to our old library. A trip to the library is a favorite outing of ours.

New library has better parking
Old library is bigger
New library has an easier to use computer system
Old library has games on their computers
New library flows from the childrens' dept. right in to the adult books (great for Mom!)
New library has big overstuffed chairs for sitting and reading and getting lost in the story
New library has "cooler" library cards (apparently very important to the boys!)
New library doesn't charge overdue fines (this will save us loads!)

(New library wins)

We explored... found books... put books back... found books... read books... found more books... put books back...
Then we were ready for a snack. We decided which books would be lucky enough to come home with us and presented them to the librarian (along with our brand new library cards!).

The afternoon was spent reading quietly, reading aloud, sharing interesting facts and swapping books back and forth. Lists are already being made of books to look for on our next trip.

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