Tuesday, August 21

It's Library Day


This week's library haul was a big one! We've got books by Roald Dahl and books about Roald Dahl. Books on drawing cartoons and comics as well as some Calvin and Hobbes for reference (and laughs!). We picked out books on home decorating and home maintenance, a favorite but not-yet-owned cookbook, and a book about watercolor painting.

The Runaway Dinner caught our attention after seeing it here. I am LOVING the illustrations in this one and this one. This author is a favorite of ours and at least one of his books makes it's way home with us each trip.

We also rescued a picture book of New England from the discard shelf. It's full of so many wonderful places that are so special to us. Then there was a magazine in the swap bin that we I just had to have.

There were more. Our arms were fully loaded. There were probably just as many that we left behind for another trip, too. I've decided to keep a little notebook of books that I want to look for, books that I take out, and books that I'd like to take out again. I think I may also need to make a heavy duty library tote (or two).

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