Friday, August 10

G is for....


I love to play games. We played a lot of games as a family when I was growing up and I have such fond memories of those times. I really enjoy board games and card games. Chris is partial to board games. And the boys being the ages that they are, are really getting in to video games. Board games just don't have the same excitement, apparently.

I'm pretty strict about when, what type, and how often they can play which isn't really "fair" (but I'm the mom!) so when they do play, it's a real treat. They have recently gotten in to playing Harry Potter on my computer. When one is playing, the other 2 hover around to share the excitement (and stretch their game time). I think, for them, watching is almost as good as playing. I love watching them play. They move their whole bodies with the game - completely caught up in the action.

I, on the other hand, get my thrills from a "boring" game of Scrabble or Rummy.

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