Saturday, August 11

101 Things in 1001 Days

This is another project that I've seen on quite a few blogs. I've actually seen it here and there for quite a long while now but never really paid much attention. Thinking of 101 things to do just seemed like too much trouble! However, I ran across it again recently and couldn't stop thinking about it. I spent way too much time and stayed up way too late and made obsessed over my list.

I seem to be on a little journey of self exploration lately.

My particular "101 Things in 1001 Days" runs Saturday August 11, 2007 thru Friday May 7, 2010. I want to document my progress as I go along so I'm going to try to make regular updates - probably once a month. Wish me luck!

1. Find a Pediatric Ophthalmologist for Topher
2. Read 5 books that I haven’t already from the “100 Best Novels” list
3. Join a book club
4. Take a class
5. Learn to use my old manual camera
6. Write in my journal at least once a week
7. Read the newspaper the same day it comes every day for a week
8. Write a letter a week to friends or family for at least 3 months
9. Read 5 books on my bookshelf that I have not yet read
10. Get a really good dictionary
11. Correspond (phone, email, post) with Alison at least every other week
12. Have the boys write 2 letters a month
13. Learn about 10 plants native to Texas
14. Keep a gratitude/happiness journal and have the boys start one too
15. No TV for a week
16. No TV before 7pm during the week for a month
17. Go to bed by 11pm every week night for a month
18. Discover a new to me musician that I enjoy and is out side of my normal listening style
19. Make a household budget
20. Stick to a budget for at least 6 months
21. Put $2 a week (143 weeks) in my jar
22. Sell something that I have made
23. Print business cards
24. Design labels
25. Purchase bakery boxes
26. Look in to a Flickr Pro account
27. Make a will
28. Roll over Savings Bonds
29. Develop all misc rolls of film
30. Clean out e-mail inbox (don’t use it as a filing system)
31. Organize my iphotos
32. Organize my print photos
33. Organize yarn and fabric stash
34. Organize the pantry
35. Unpack all moving boxes currently in the house
36. Go through my clothes and get rid on anything I don’t, won’t or shouldn’t wear
37. Send Christmas cards out on time in 2007
38. In 2008
39. And in 2009
40. Create a “Household Notebook”
41. Create a habit by following Flylady for 2 months
42. Use the “green bags” for grocery shopping
43. Buy the book “Exploring Dallas with Children” or something similar
44. Visit 5 places from the book
45. Find a babysitter
46. Have “Date Night” with Chris once a month
47. Find a church home
48. Become active in the church
49. Read a book about the Alamo with the boys
50. Take the boys to the Alamo
51. Make plans to visit a Dude Ranch with the boys
52. Do an activity from “Family Fun” magazine with the boys each month
53. Take the boys to the Dr Pepper factory
54. Go to the rodeo
55. Go to a Texas Rangers game
56. Go to a Dallas Cowboys game
57. Visit a winery
58. Get a bike
59. Go on a bike hike with the boys
60. Fly kites with the boys
61. Have sofa shampooed
62. Refurbish kitchen chairs (sand? paint?)
63. Get a new (bigger) kitchen table
64. Recover seats on Grandpa’s chairs
65. Make a compost area
66. Keep a houseplant alive for 6 months or more
67. Buy fresh flowers for the table once a week for 2 months
68. Get a physical
69. Find a dentist
70. Take a yoga class
71. Find a new Weight Watcher’s meeting
72. Get down to my goal weight
73. Exercise 3-5 days a week for 3 months
74. Take a multivitamin everyday for 1 month
75. Touch my toes with out bending my knees
76. Participate in a 5K walk
77. Take tennis lessons
78. Give blood
79. Ride a mechanical bull
80. Plant an herb garden
81. Get a bikini wax
82. Use a whole package of Crest White Strips
83. Buy cowboy boots
84. Have a fondue night
85. Host a cookie exchange
86. Find a local farmers market
87. Try prickly pear cactus jelly
88. Learn to make really great ribs
89. Make my own lemoncello
90. Make a new sourdough starter
91. Make jam again
92. Make croissants
93. Make homemade corn tortillas
94. Make homemade flour tortillas
95. Learn to crochet
96. Make myself 6 skirts
97. Make pajama pants for the boys
98. Finish knitting socks for Edmund
99. Finish lace shawl
100. Make a quilt
101. Paint a watercolor to hang in my home


Golly Gee Damn said...

Get a flickr PRO account! It's well worth the money. I've been a PRO at Flickr for about 3 years now and I've never looked back. It's always been my Christmas/Birthday present to me from me.

Heidi said...

I love your list! Especially writing letters, no TV (I don't have one and get loads done), and all your crafty endevors! Well done and looking forward to hearing about your progress!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

This is a really great list! I wish that I was half as domestic as you seem to be! I mean that as the highest compliment.