Tuesday, August 28

Library Day

Library Books

This week I made the trip to the library alone. Now that the boys are back in school, we will need to adjust our family library trip schedule.

Our borrowed book basket is overflowing and has spilled out on to the floor in front of the bookcases. We love to bring home the books - so full of wonder and excitement, but we are always so reluctant to bring them back. Even though it was just me borrowing books this week, I still managed to add quite a few titles to the stacks.

A few highlights:

- Another cookbook by Ina Garten (her recipes never fail to deliver)
- The Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas (the 1972 version - I grew up with the cookbook and I just love some of the recipes in it)
- Another by Elisha Cooper who is very quickly becoming a favorite of ours. I LOVE his watercolor illustrations!
- A book of paintings by Frank Reaugh discovered quite by accident.

There are more (can you believe it!). An audiobook, a couple of books on embroidery, and a Christmas cookie cookbook (it's coming- fast!) among them.

What are you bringing home from your library?

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