Thursday, April 17

Young Author

Book by Topher

The kids have a certain amount of "free" time during the day at school when they can work on projects of their own choosing. Topher worked on a book. He loves to make little books so this was no surprise. What did come as a surprise, though, was that he also chose to submit his book to the school's publishing company.

The PTA runs a little publishing company at the school for the students and will turn some of their work in to a hard bound book. The students are given a copy and the school's library gets a copy. Then, towards the end of the school year, all the published authors are recognized at a reception hosted by the PTA. Tonight was that night.

Topher was presented with a certificate and a ribbon as well as his copy of his book. There was a slide presentation showing a photo of each author along side a copy of the cover illustration of their book. Then cake was served (for many, my kids included, the cake was the highlight!) Unfortunately it was crowded and I was unable to get any pictures of Topher at the reception. He was up on the stage and then off again in the blink of an eye.

We did get a private reading when we got home though.

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