Tuesday, April 1

...Out Like a Lamb

March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. Mostly.

Signs of Spring!

Lion: Our month started with a snow storm. (Actually 2!) Schools dismissed early and started late and snowmen popped up all through out the neighborhood.

Lamb: Warm Spring weather. Our weekend was in the 80's and most of the month was in the 70's. The trees are budding and the grass is starting to turn green again. If there were any flowers planted in my yard, I'm sure they would be popping up now, too. (Note to self: plant bulbs! Hmmm now that I think about it, no one on my street has flowers planted in their yards. Interesting)

Signs of Spring!

I say mostly, though, because Monday brought some very interesting weather. 80ยบ weather and fairly humid most of the day. The afternoon turned dark, though. The rain started pouring - really pouring! There was thunder and lightening and a weird sort of rumbling in the air. Suddenly the hail came. Marble sized hail at first. I've never seen so much of it so fast. Then it turned to golf ball sized hail with some baseball sized pieces thrown in just to be scary. Our yard was flooded, the road was flooded and looked more like a raging river than a street. The tornado sirens went off and they spotted tornado like clouds in the area. I don't have pictures of all the rain and hail because the boys and I were sitting in the laundry room - just in case.

Then it was gone. Luckily there was no damage from the hail or the tornado other than some small branches and lots of leaves littering the yard. We do have a bowl full of large hail stones in the freezer. The kids brought them in. A little reminder, I guess.

Now we have normal Spring weather again.

Signs of Spring!

I hope.

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