Friday, April 4

Boys Night

Boys Night

1. Boys Night:: Making Pizza
2. Boys Night:: Playing Games
3. Boys Night:: The Morning After

This week's mosaic for the Six One Way group.

Last weekend we had a few extra boys over for a sleepover. With 5 energetic boys in the house, it was a real 'boys night'! (For a while there were 6 boys as another friend came by for a visit) The boys were good and they all really had a great time.

1. I gave them each a ball of dough and let them create their own pizzas. They loved this and it was fun too see how differently they each shaped their pizzas.

2. They played lots of games - both inside and out.

3. The morning after. There is not much to say about the morning after a sleepover! Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and clothes EVERYWHERE! The beignets were a huge hit.

They are planning their next night together!

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