Friday, August 26

Weekly Weigh In #1

I had my first weigh in today after recommitting to Weight Watchers. I did really well this past week. I journaled absolutely everything I ate. I hit my Daily Points Target each day and only ended up using 5 of my 35 allowed Flex Points. I never felt deprived or hungry either. I got my water in each day and 4 out of 7 days I got my 2 milk servings. The other 3 days I got at least 1, sometimes 1 1/2. I also got in all 5 fruits and vegetables each day. I'm feeling really good about myself! I stood on the scale at my weigh in center and I was down 2 pounds! That is 2 pounds closer to my goal!

I had a "Bravo" moment this week. I went to the grocery to pick up some milk. I was having a rather stressful day which came on the heels of 3 other stressful days. I am a stress eater for sure! They had just made some popcorn chicken in the deli dept. I love the popcorn chicken and it would have been so easy to go pick up a cup and eat it while shopping. BUT! I knew that it wouldn't really make me feel any better and actually I would probably end up feeling worse after eating it. So I bought a container of grape tomatoes instead. Yay me!

My goal for this week is going to be to try to add in some activity points. It will be a bit of a challenge to exercise with the boys still home from school but I'll see what I can do.

How are you all doing? Do you have a "Bravo" moment? Are you feeling committed?


Jamie said...

Yipee! Em....way to go

Claudia said...

WTG Emily, and thank for your comment on my blog.

Andrea said...

Good for you, Emily! I'm a stress eater as well, with my worst times being the witching hour with the kids (4 - 7 p.m.). It's so easy for me to grab stuff and eat without even thinking of it. As for exercise, if you figure out how to do it with the kids, let me know! Have you thought about a walk before they get up in the morning?

luvs2knit said...

You are doing awesome!!! Way to go : )

Instead of eating the whole carton of Dibs, I only eat about 4-6 just to get that craving out of me. I am feeling committed but I didn't write it down.

I didn't well this weekend so I laid low and maintained, should I say.