Monday, August 15

Secret Pal Mail!

I came home from my trip to some good mail! A package from my Secret Pal arrived while I was away - actually it arrived the day I left. Chris called to let me know it was here waiting so all week I got to think about it and wonder what it was!


My Secret Pal sent me 2 balls of sock yarn. I LOVE sock yarn! The yarn she sent is Patons Kroy Socks in the Paint Box colorway. It's so pretty! There is already a lot of debating on who I will make socks for with this yarn! The colors remind me of some flowers that were in my grandmother's garden when I was a girl.

(I thought they were Indian Paintbrushes but after doing a little Google search, it looks like they were something else. I'll have to research it.)

Also in the package was a patten book. It's Patons Classics Happy Feet. Sock patterns to go with my sock yarn! Those long toe socks look fun - I'm just not sure if I could wear little gloves on my toes! Edmund wants some though.

There was also a mixed CD that my Pal made for me. We listened (and danced) to it immediately. It's a great mix of songs some of which were new to me and some I knew. It's going right in to my iPod, for sure!


My Secret Pal also sent a couple of treats that the boys clamored over! She sent a "bouquet" of Tootsie Roll Pops and some Spongebob Squarepants stickers!

Thanks Secret Pal!


Julie said...

The herringbone style sock pattern is amazing, I really love that one. I'll have to look out for it. Fun sock yarn! You can never have too much I think :)

luvs2knit said...

Wow!!! How wonderful is it to come home to a package full of goodies for you and the kids.

Hope your trip to your parents home was nice.

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