Thursday, August 25

5:00 AM

It's 5:00am and I am lying here in bed wishing I were asleep. I've not been sleeping well lately. I go through periods like this when I just can't get a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, it makes for some less than productive days.

These days I need all the stamina I can muster to handle that Beast that has some how taken possession of my children. They are loud and they are messy. Of course they are also boys so that is to be expected. But they are also suddenly deaf. I get a better response talking to the tree in the front yard than I do talking to them. Perhaps I have the gift to speak at a decibel that is inaudible to human ears under the age of 10? If this is my superpower, I'd like to know if I can get a refund.

There has also been a mutiny at Our Home on the Hill. Apparently the inmates have taken over the asylum because the boys (mistakenly) think that they are the ones that set the rules around here. I'm only needed for cooking cleaning and taxi service. I don't think so.

The winds of change are upon us like a hurricane!

Chris has gone back to work. He was home for sometime recovering from foot surgery - unable to get around. He hobbled off on his crutches fleeing the chaos we call life with kids. He'll miss the excitement I'm sure!

School starts next week and with that comes a more structured schedule. I'll be laying down the letter of the law and whipping things back in to shape. The Beast will be banished from our home. I'm sure there will be occasional visits but hopefully they will become few and far between.

Today I don the sheriff's badge. Tonight Tylenol PM.


luvs2knit said...

Sorry to hear about the boys : (!!! Hopefully when school starts back up, you can have some peace and quiet for a couple of hours. Hang in there : )

Jamie said...

Oh I know all about the Beast.
He has entered my house and I only have one single little girl (true however she is approaching puberty fairly quickly...LOL)

The Beast will be banished with school of that I am sure...then there will be other monsters to tame.

Good Luck!

Yarngirl said...

I would like to tell you it get's better when they are older - but they just quietly not listen to you then. My oldest thinks he can stay up to all hours, even tho I go in and say "bed, NOW". I laid down the law today and plan on serviing cookies and milk laced with something powerful sleepy tonight....mwhahahaha.