Wednesday, August 31

Back to School


Edmund and Charles went back to school today. They were very excited about seeing old friends, making new friends and getting back to a regular schedule. Our Summer was a busy one and our routines were way off.

Backpacks were loaded, lunches were made and snacks were packed. We were ready and out waiting for the bus 10 minutes before it's estimated arrival time. That 10 minutes took an eternity. We have a new bus company this year and that means new bus drivers. The bus finally arrived half an hour late - 15 minutes after school actually started! The driver promised it would be better tomorrow.

The boys are in school, Topher is anxiously awaiting their return and I am taking back my home. Order will once again return to Our Home on the Hill.

In the mean time, I'll enjoy the quiet.



Anonymous said...

Quiet until I get home!! : )

luvs2knit said...

Em, The boys' haircuts look nice. Enjoy the quiet and enjoy some knitting.

Jamie said...

I understand oh so completely Em.
Boys look great! Sheridan loved the Curious George lunchbox.

Claudia said...

your boys are so handsome. I hope they had a great start with school.
Anika loves school, I hope it stays that way.